Sunday, October 19

Since this is a new point in my life I am re-inventing my blog.
This means
relocating it.
I hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 18

Waitressing sucks so much.
I wanted to cry at one point/
And I think my manageer may have hit on me. Or maybe I was imaging it.
MostAnnoyingWebpage.com - Most annoying webpage in the world!
Chuck likes me.
It's for sure.
I like Chuck.
As a friend, nothing more.
There is no attraction
I am almost sure.

Friday, October 17

Adritha is your Vampire name.
You are stunning to look at and to talk to. No
other type of Vampire has your creativity.
To become a Vampire,
go here:

God, I was really stupid wasn't I? I'm reading my archives and realizing Chris treated me like shit the whole time, didn't he?
Oh God, I'm an idiot. I'm one of those girls I mocked for being so blind to what their boyfriend is doing to them.
I'm as bad as Bill's girlfriend. Sure Chris didn't fuck forty million girls behind my back, but he treated me horribly and I made excuses and defended him and ignored it.

Thursday, October 16

You need to go here immediatley.

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